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Good at some things, TERRIBLE at others

Hello fabulous people. March has been a month of contemplation for me. Lots of family birthdays. Lots of celebration and love.

It's also been a time of connecting to my creative self, and maintaining my creative space.

In the middle of the month, I did a 24-hour novella challenge with my writer friend, Ed. I learned so much about my writing process, and how I can prepare for my success. I wrote over 7000 words in a single day! It was incredible, and I am so proud of myself for even trying.


Upcoming Book!

The Wolf and The Wind is ready for release on June 5, 2024! In May, I'll be doing a giveaway for two copies of the book and a little surprise I made myself! Check the May newsletter for more details!


The thing I'm terrible at

This newsletter! Posting to social media! Promoting myself and my books!

I promise I am working on sharing this part of myself. I'm seeing it as sharing my creative space with all of you to allow you to have a part of it. I want all of you to know this creative joy as well. Find your joy, for you deserve it!

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