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Stories, and stories, and stories...Oh MY!

I am so excited about the coming months. The Wolf and The Wind ARCs just went out yesterday to those who signed up.

If you're interested in getting an imperfect advanced ebook to read, and if interested, leave a review, here's the link to the sign-up form:

The Wolf and The Wind ARC Cover


Lasers, Swords, and Language

I'm excited to share I've been commissioned to write a story for the YouTube channel Lasers, Swords, and Language!

It's designed to help you learn English as a second language or Spanish. There will be two versions of the story: one in English, and one in Spanish. It's a really cool project, and I'm excited to participate.


What am I reading?

This month, I read a fantastic middle grade mystery novel called The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels

The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels

Official summary:

On the day they are born, every Swift child is brought before the sacred Family Dictionary. They are given a name, and a definition. A definition it is assumed they will grow up to match.

Meet Shenanigan Swift: Little sister. Risk-taker. Mischief-maker.

Shenanigan is getting ready for the big Swift Family Reunion and plotting her next great scheme: hunting for Grand-Uncle Vile’s long-lost treasure. She’s excited to finally meet her arriving relatives—until one of them gives Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude a deadly shove down the stairs.

So what if everyone thinks she’ll never be more than a troublemaker, just because of her name? Shenanigan knows she can become whatever she wants, even a detective. And she’s determined to follow the twisty clues and catch the killer.

Deliciously suspenseful and delightfully clever, The Swifts is a remarkable debut that is both brilliantly contemporary and instantly classic. A celebration of words and individuality, it’s packed with games, wordplay, and lots and lots of mischief as Shenanigan sets out to save her family and define herself in a world where definitions are so important.

My review:

Thoroughly an enjoyable read. Low on violence and high on mystery. The characters are endearing, and I wish they could be my friends in real life. That's my favorite part of a story. When the characters feel like real people, even when they make silly mistakes or bad choices. They did that because they're real, and real people are imperfect.

If you're looking for a fun read that doesn't reveal the secret at the beginning, but the clues are definitely there to follow, grab a copy of your own!

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