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I officially HATE Facebook

As much as we don’t want to admit it, social media is important for advertising as a small author. It’s a way to connect with people. It’s a way to put yourself out there without having to spend money that you would otherwise be investing into your actual books.

So here’s where I am now. Facebook has locked my account since November 17 with a false claim. This means my Instagram is also locked. I cannot use these platforms to reach out to folks.

I’ve emailed everywhere I can think of. I’ve tagged Facebook in Tweets. 

Still nothing.

I’ve had to look at my five-year plan for Awesome Authors Kids. Time to reevaluate my approach.

I’m happy to say instead of starting over with Instagram, I’m launching a YouTube channel! Miss Katie Reads will be a channel where I read books and stories in the public domain. It launches next month. Check it out!


Coming April 2024!!!

A new book! There’s a new book coming!

April 2024 is going to see Book 1 in the Adventures in Gaeldor series: The Wolf and The Wind.

Paige is having the worst day of third grade ever. After she falls off the swings at the park, a fifth grader from her bus invites her on a magical adventure in the land of Gaeldor. The Wind has gone missing and someone must take up the quest!

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I can't wait to follow, and when they are available for sale let me know my Nora would love to read them. She's at a fourth grade level at the moment but I would like some to donate to her school library as well. So don't forget to send me info!!

Replying to

I think Nora would love this story. It's got a simple plot for younger readers to follow, but I make sure to use some bigger vocabulary words to broaden their reading skills! :) The artwork that's going inside is coming along nicely too. The artist, Vicki, is super talented!

If I get my bonus at work this year, I'm also going to be publishing my illustrated chapter book that she might also like. It's about a girl who struggles to fit into the groups at school, and just as she's ready to give up, she finds her people! They have magnificent imaginary adventures during recess at school. Fingers crossed the funding comes through!

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